Monday, May 5


We are so happy for our friend Geo Beach.

His new show starts on the History channel...

MAY 8th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geo Beach hosts History's new American Originals series Tougher In Alaska with Geo Beach

In October 2006 I began work on a non-fiction documentary television project that has become a window onto America's dream of itself, Alaska. In two and a half weeks, Tougher In Alaska with Geo Beach premieres nationally. I collected some terrific stories canvassing Alaska from Panhandle to North Slope, limning the western coast, and stomping a lot of ground in between. Some of those stories are perfect for television. Many more are more intimate secrets that best live in the imaginative space of radio. I hope you'll be able to watch some of the episodes -- and share the stories with your listeners.

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